Pimp My PC – Snowblind Edition

For many PC gamers, it isn’t enough to just simply pack power into their machine. A true gaming rig can not only take on any visual challenge, but it does so with style. Customizing the look of a PC has become very important to many gamers, and with that in mind, iBuyPower seeks to revolutionize gaming charm. Introducing the most customizable, innovative computer case ever designed, the iBuyPower Snowblind.


The Snowblind computer case, developed by iBuyPower and Intel, goes somewhere that no one has gone before. It takes an NZXT N450 case and replaces its typical case side panel with a 19″ clear LCD screen. This case was first showed off at Computex (an international information technology show) in June of 2016. Many viewers, though impressed, were skeptical of its marketability, and expected it to come along with a huge price tag. iBuyPower proved them all wrong, announcing that the Snowblind case will be available for an affordable $250. These cases are now expected to ship out at the end of February, offering just a few more weeks to pre-order this historic machine. iBuyPower offers three fully built packages, featuring top end hardware, ranging in total from $1,499 to $2,499, but the case can always be available to add to any iBuyPower custom PC build.

The clear and mirrored LCD screen was initially unveiled by Samsung in 2012. These screens were designed with two applications in mind. The ability to turn the inside of a window into a computer monitor was the initial plan. This grants users the ability watch an environment outside, while not distracting themselves from valuable computer work inside. Recognizing incredible potential, advertising companies jumped at the opportunity to do the opposite. Entire buildings whose windows appear normal from the inside, but from the outside, form a giant animated billboard. This would grant office buildings an opportunity for extra advertising, potentially generating excess revenue. iBuyPower took concepts from both ideas, combining them together, to create the most customizable computer case in history.



Being the first case to ever utilize this kind of technology, brings up many questions on the limitations of the clear LCD screen. The 19″ screen offering a 1280×1024 resolution, functions just as any other computer monitor would. It connects using DVI through the back of the case into the video card’s video output and requires no external power source. Since the screen acts as a monitor, it is possible to do anything on it, even game, although it is recommended to use a traditional monitor as well. This grants the user complete customization of the side panel of the case. iBuyPower recommends the use of the open source desktop customization tool Rainmeter, to get the full interactive use from the Display.

The purpose of Rainmeter is to change your desktop into a fully customizable interactive interface, perfect for the Snowblind case. It can display almost anything from computer component status to up to date weather information. Some skins even include functionality such as taking notes, writing a to-do list, launching applications or even controlling you media player. The customizability perfectly syncs up with the intention iBuyPower had for the Snowblind case. Adding an element of practicality and elegance, the Snowblind case marks the future of customization across all platforms.

The iBuyPower Snowblind case is a remarkable adaptation of modern technology, and it creates something really amazing! Becoming available for $250, it is a great buy for anyone looking to show off their gaming rig. Snowblind gaming cases are expecting to officially release in late February with preorders shipping as soon as possible. Take part in history and check out iBuyPower’s new Snowblind case at their official website.

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